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Rugs Cleaning Brisbane

Our experience in the industry has taught us that as well as safely cleaning rugs, we must be careful to dry them properly too. If this is not done correctly, damage can be caused, so we use the most up-to-date drying machinery. We are experts at cleaning all types of rugs.

Most of us routinely clean rugs at home using a vacuum cleaner. This is effective in cleaning the upper parts of the fibers – but it leaves substantial quantities of dirt accumulating deeper in the pile. To remove dirt which has built up over years or even decades, the only truly effective solution is full immersion cleaning.

We are able to remove odours, unlike on-site cleaning that can only mask the odours using scented detergents. We dry the rugs quickly and perfectly in a controlled environment. With on-site cleaning, this is impossible, and the moist and unventilated parts deep in the rug provide an ideal environment for mold and fungi to develop. Why take chances with a cherished possession? With Steam Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, you can trust our expertise to deliver great results.

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